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3 Easy Ways to Erase Wood Scratches from the Floors of Your Louisville Home

By Family Realty

Over the last 10 years one of the biggest trends that Louisville Home buyers have been searching for is homes with wood floors.

Although wood floors are beautiful in homes the reality is that they can easily get scratched due to day to day living and can sometimes be expensive to refinish and or replace.

In this post we will share with you 3 easy ways you can erase scratches from the wood floors of your Louisville Home yourself.

#1 – “Camouflage” Scratches

One of the easiest ways to remove scratches from the floors of your Louisville Home is to cover up those scratches using crayons, oil pastels or sharpie pens which match the grain or color of the floor which surrounds the scratch.

You can also buy a stain marker which is made by companies like Minwax because, stain markers come with stain and urethane included in the stain marker.

#2 – Create Your Own Homemade Floor Polish

Use equal parts of vinegar and olive oil to remove dirt and grime from the wood floors in your Louisville Home then pour the solution on one or more of the scratches, wait 24 hours then wipe off and or repeat the process until the scratch is no longer visible.

#3 – Use Steel Wool And Fine Grain Sand Paper For Light Scratches

If the floors in your home have light scratches you should use steel wool or fine grain sand paper to remove light scratches from the wood then wet a rag with mineral spirits to wipe over the area of the floor where the scratches once were to clean the area thoroughly.

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