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4 Ways To TURN OFF A Louisville Home Buyer

By Family Realty, LLC

So you’re planning on selling your home; this is fantastic news but, before you move forward with listing your home for sale make sure you don’t make the mistake of turning off Louisville home buyers who have showed an interest in your home.

#1 – Dirty House

One of the biggest things that will turn off home buyers is a dirty house.

Before you list your home for sale make sure you clean your home on the inside and outside.

Tip – Focus on cleaning the windows to your home thoroughly because, buyers who look through dirty windows will wonder what else may be wrong with your home.

#2 – Odors

Besides dirty homes, a smelly house is also another major turn off for buyers as well.

Cooking smells are acceptable but the smells which most often turn off buyers are pet smells since most people don’t like to have pets in their homes even if they currently own pets.

Tip – When your home is listed for sale make sure you don’t cook fried food because, greasy or fried food smells are more difficult to get out of a home.

#3 – Old Fixtures

Another big thing most home buyers classify as a “turn off’ is a home with old fixture like: lighting, cabinet hardware or bathroom fixtures.

You may love retro items but if the fixtures in your home look old, they will make home buyers think that your Louisville Home is a lot older than it really is.

#4 – Wallpaper

Last of all, but most important is wallpaper.

Most buyers hate wallpaper, especially if it was hung in the 1970’s, so if you’re serious about selling your home it’s best to remove all wallpaper from your home so you paint the walls in each room of your home neutral colors.

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