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A Canine Christmas: A gift guide for dog lovers

At Family Realty we know for many families their dog is a much loved member of the family. So we thought you might like a blog that will help you spoil your dog this Christmas. If you’re one of those people who need help coming up with gift ideas for their spouse, you might find putting together a wish list for your dog to be a challenge.

You could always opt for the obligatory chew toy or squeak ball, but that’s a little like giving your spouse a Christmas sweater every year. Your dog doesn’t remember what he got for Christmas last year (as far as we know), but he’s still a member of the family. You’d like to get him something that’ll provide some enjoyment and, if possible, some exercise too. Fortunately, there are plenty of unique gift ideas out there for your furry pal, and there are people who can help you find them.

Trust the experts and your dog

The folks at your local pet store have plenty of knowledge and experience when it comes to dogs; they even know about gift ideas. You can always ask them which toys are the most popular this year, or what gifts are best for your dog. Some are breed-specific, and some are popular for all dogs, such as dog beds, which come in all shapes and sizes. Your veterinarian is also a good source of information, and may even have some special chew toys or other items in stock.

It’s also helpful to think about what activities your dog likes most, such as going for a walk after dinner, which would make a leash that’s visible after dark a terrific idea. If your pooch needs some obedience training, you might include a gift that could help training a little easier, such as a harness.

Something different

Ultimately, you can’t go too wrong when thinking up a wish list for your dog - he won’t ask for a gift receipt if he doesn’t like something - so go ahead and include gifts that are a little off the wall. At $10 each, you can afford to include a few doggie cigar chew toys. Or how about a 6-pack of beer, just between pals? Bowser Beer is a non-alcoholic “brew” that contains beef and chicken-based ingredients. Why not ask for a subscription to BarkBox, a monthly subscription service that sends a goodie of the month box straight to your door.

All about presentation

Unusual gifts are fun but your dog may not take to something right away if he doesn’t recognize it (such as a fake cigar or harness, for instance). Try combining it with something your pet knows very well, such as a favorite dog treat, and try to associate one with the other. For dogs, gifts, like everything else, are a sensory experience, something they need to smell and taste to become comfortable with. 

Dog clothing?

Yep, there is such a thing. It may not have caught on everywhere yet, but there are some dashing doggie ensembles out there for Christmas. Your dog will look festive in a red and white striped pajama piece by Drs. Foster and Smith. It’s an outfit made of soft cloth. It’s great if you live in a cold-weather climate, as is a warm, fur-lined dog coat for those frigid days when you just know your pooch is as cold as you are.

Canine security

If you want to keep tabs on your pet, think about asking for a monitoring camera. Pawbo and PetChatz offer HD versions that are unobtrusive and reliable. They include video and audio capabilities so that you can interact with your pet if things don’t look quite right. Many dog tracking collars also include audio capability, allowing your pet to hear your voice if he appears poised for a getaway.

Coming up with a gift list for your dog is not that different than brainstorming ideas for a family member. Think about what he likes and dislikes, be a little creative, and keep it simple. No problem!

We hope our dog related realty blogs have been a help to you this year. If you have any real estate needs we know real estate Louisville and would love to help you. Please contact Scott Boehnlein or any one of our dedicated agents here at Family Realty. We’d love to help you.

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