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Neighborhood Spotlight: Germantown/Schnitzelburg!

For this week's "Neighborhood Spotlight" we decided to take a stroll through the Germantown/Schnitzelburg neighborhood. All photos were captured with a 50 mm Canon FD lens adapted to a digital DSLR. 

As many can gather from its name, the area of Germantown (stretching from the original Highlands neighborhood to the St. Joseph's and Bradley areas) was mostly populated by German immigrants in the second half of the 19th century. The re-routing of Beargrass Creek into a conrete canal sobered up the land from over-flooding and the subsequent malaria outbreaks. French settlers found their way to this area in the early 1900s, bringing about the name German-Paristown. 

1053 Goss Ave.  - Four Pegs

Support your local restuarants! 

Behind The Pearl, there are some incredible tulips in bloom right now! 

This feels like  Norman Rockwell painting...

Oop. Noticed me. 

This massive Japanese Maple on Texas Ave. is really captivating. On average, Japanese Maples grow about 1 foot a year for its first 50 years.

Always nice to see neighbors spreading the positivity! #TogetherKentucky 

Did you know that the red berries of dogwoods are eaten by over 36 species of birds and other animals? 

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Historic Middletown

This week we are walking through parts of Historic Middletown, located just off Shelbyville Rd. Let us know in the comments where we should walk next!

What time is it?

Great sign in the yard of a Middletown resident showing support for all front line workers!

Ah, the ol' Bank! 

City Hall Catalpas!

Lawrence Weatherby is the only Kentucky Governor to be born in Jefferson County!

WWII Memorial at Middletown City Hall. 

Madison and Main. 

Love these historical markers. 

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


Neighborhood Spotlight Jeffersonville, IN

Jeffersonville City Hall in Quatermaster Station. Originally built as a military warehouse in 1874, Quartermaster Station was renovated in 2001 and currently is home to City Hall as well as numerous storefronts and offices. Fun Fact: Fredrick Law Olmstead helped design the original quadrangle in 1874. 

Appropriately named "Jeff", these red stick figures are located on the berm on 10th st, just next to the quadrangle. They are meant to represent the evolution of Jeffersonville; where they started and where they're headed now. 

Jeffersonville is filled with reminders of its past. The marquees and photos of old cityscapes are a proud reminder of its history. The Vintage Fire Museum on Spring St is a great example of a the city's fascination with historical relics (ie firefighting equipment, vehicles, etc) and aesthetically pleasing creativity. 

The North of Court Ave (NOCO) Arts and Cultural District is a must-see for passerbys.


This water tower was painted by mural artist, The Art Cartel. More of their work can be found in the Highlands...can you guess which one? 

Want to play some giant croquet? Unfortunately the giant balls are a little tough to move, but Preservation Park is a great stop for those looking for a little history!

Historical reminder in Preservation Park. 

Flood Walll. 

The light on the other side. 

We made it to the Ohio! 

It is still surreal to walk around these areas knowing that Derby festivities would be in full swing. We are all very much looking forward to those warm evening walks down by the river. 

Kentucky and Indiana's role in the Civil War and Reconstruction era are both shameful and historically significant. Marquees like this remind us how far we've come and also how much we still have to learn. 

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


Neighborhood Spotlight: St. Matthews

The Burks Family Cemetary is located in the middle of the parking lot between Bed, Bath & beyond and Hobby Lobby off of Breckinridge Ln. Even those who frequent this area often are surprised to find the nearly 170 year old burial plots. The history of this site is fascinating and worth a read. More information can be found here.

Next time you're in the area, see if you can find it!

Ever wonder how long this old bell-tower has been in the area? Not long, actually. Independence Bank constructed this building and opened their doors at the start of 2019. The tower adds a certain kind of nostalgic character to the intersection of Breckinridge and Shelbyville - arguably the heart of St. Matthews and perhaps to the rest of eastern Louisville. 

Even during quarantine, it is tough to find a time of day when this intersection is not buzzing with traffic. 

Roundabouts like these were placed on Nanz Ave to ease the traffic coming between Breckinridge Ln and Cannon's Ln. and to offer relief to bikers not wanting to risk riding on Wllis Ave where there are no sidewalks or stop signs. 

Beautiful architecture and a gorgeously-maintained campus, St. Matthews Baptist Church has long been a staple of the area. Regardless of denomination the sanctuary and chapel are a real treat to visit for visuals alone. 

And here we are! Seneca Park. While it may not technically be within St. Matthews City limits, Seneca Park provides the recereational space we are all in desperate need of nowadays. Hopefully you enjoyed your walk today with Family Realty!

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


Neighborhood Spotlight: Clifton

For many of us going on a stroll in the neighborhood has become a daily activity. Whether its walking down the street to the local grocery store or just taking a leisurely tour to get out of the house, the nice Louisville weather has been hard to pass up. That’s why we figured we would take you along with us while we visit one of our favorite Louisville neighborhoods: Clifton!


The Clifton neighborhood stretches from N Ewing Ave. to lower Brownsboro and Mellewood Ave just east of Downtown Louisville. 

Restaurants and boutiques have been filling this area for the past few decades, revitalizing parts that were previously dilapidated and attracting local artists. Murals like these can be found all over the neighboorhood. 

J. Gumbo's has been a staple of the neigborhood for over ten years. Support your local restaurants by ordering carryout or delivery!

Residents of Payne St. put out a "sharing basket" for passerbys to collect/replenish if they'd like. This house in particular creates displays like these for Hallowee, Valentine's Day, etc!

Vernon Ave has an amazing mix of architecture. 

Sign at the top of the chicken steps at the end of Vernon Ave. A great message for current times. 

The view from atop the chicken steps really reminds you why this area is called Clifton. Carved from quarries that were active up until the late 1800s, the steep cliffs can sometimes be tough to notice when the spring foliage begins to fill in. Originally wooden and used for local resident's chickens, these narrow steps were renovated in 1972 and have since been a great gateway between lower Brownsboro Rd and Frankfort Ave. 

"Doesn't the train bother you?" Is one of the most frequently asked questions for Clifton residents. Luckily Clifton is a "quiet zone" for train horns, creating a need for signs like these signalling to pedestrians on footpaths to watch for trains. As for the trains themselves being a nuisance? "Ya just get used to it" locals will say. 

Community chalk?

Some more positive messages being displayed at Dharma Meghah Yoga Shala  at the corner of Payne and S. Clifton. 

Normally we don't suggest taking pictures on the train tracks but this was a pedestrian walkway, we swear!

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


Neighborhood of the Week - St. Regis Park

Since 1953, the City of St. Regis Park has been a quaint and quiet place to live. The neighborhood is made up of over 600 homes. Its’ convenient location just off Browns Ln, allows easy access to many shopping centers and restaurants and is just minutes away from several schools and hospitals.

Nestled within the neighborhood is the Ascension Parish and School, while Greathouse Shyrock is located just across the street.

An area of St. Regis Park borders along the Oxmoor Golf Course which creates a beautiful backdrop for many homes.

The neighborhood is very family friendly and has placed a strong emphasis on the safety of its citizens.  With its own City Council made up of a Mayor and 7 council members, their goal is to maintain a welcoming and secure environment for all the city’s residents.

Contact a Family Realty Agent if you or someone you know if looking to buy or sell a home in St. Regis Park.



Best Neighborhoods In Louisville for Christmas Lights

I am always amazed by how beautiful the neighborhoods in real estate Louisville look during the holidays. All the twinkle lights, holly, wreaths, inflatables, etc are such a joy to drive around and admire. As a kid that was one of my most favorite things to do. My folks would bundle us up in the car with blankets and hot chocolate and we would drive from neighborhood to neighborhood and place votes on which one was best. With so many choices, it is hard to narrow down who has THE BEST Christmas lights and decorations, but here are a few that we think do a pretty good job!

Lake Forest located in eastern Jefferson County has been a standout for many years. With a growing community of nearly 1700 homes, there are plenty of holiday sights to be seen.  Lake Forest is one of the larger subdivisions in Louisville and draws a large crowd since the majority of its population participates in holiday decorating.

Windemere Place is a small subdivision off Lowe Rd that some consider “the best place to see Christmas lights.” Nearly every house participates in the decorations and the HOA assists in lighting all the trees on the main entrance street. This neighborhood is a must see!

Over in the City of Norbourne Estates, these tree lined streets shine at night with their beautiful lights and decor. Rumor is there is even a couple of residents that dress as Mrs. Claus and Santa. They sit on their porch several nights during the holidays and take pictures with guests.

Owl Creek is another neighborhood on our top list of neighborhoods with the best holiday lights and decor. They even have a Christmas Light Contest. Not sure what the winner gets, but it encourages residents to participate in creating a beautiful scene for all to see.

After driving through these or any other neighborhoods if you are thinking of buying or selling then contact one of our agents today. Family Realty would love to help you find your dream home!



Neighborhood of the Week - Seneca Gardens

The City of Seneca Gardens is a historic area in the City of Louisville and while it wasn’t incorporated until 1922 there are several homes that were built in the 1800s. Some locals believe that these early homes were used a part of the Underground Railroad.

Since its incorporation, Seneca Gardens has been an ideal place to live for many Louisvillians. It is a self governed sixth class city with nearly 242 single family homes. There are several multi family homes as well and one non-residential building, the Keneseth Isreal SynagogueThe neighborhood has a strong focus on green space and trees and even has an arborist on the City Commission to help with their Neighborhood Arboretum Project. Seneca Gardens’s central location allows its residents convenient access to many main streets and interstate, along with many parks, local restaurants and shops.

If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell a home in Seneca Gardens please contact a Family Realty Team Member.


Neighborhood of the Week - Richlawn

The City of Richlawn is a small quiet neighborhood conveniently located in St. Matthews made up of 199 homes. Located directly off Shelbyville Rd it has easy access to many shopping centers and restaurants.  

The homes in Richlawn are mostly traditional style, with good sized yards and mature trees. Since its incorporation in 1948 it has remained a popular place to live amongst Louisvillians.

If you or someone you know is currently looking to buy a home in Richlawn, 208 Don Allen Rd is a beautiful 2 story home that features many recent updates.

For more information on this home or to schedule a private showing please contact Kelly Wathen of Family Realty.



Featured Neighborhood of the Week - Beechwood Village

Located in St. Matthews, Beechwood Village is a well established residential community with nearly 1,900 residents. It’s convenient location off Shelbyville Rd allows access to several of the top shopping centers in Louisville, along with many schools, restaurants, hospitals, and interstates.

This large family friendly community has its’ own City Council that helps to regulate its’ ordinances and keep create a safe environment for its residents to live in. The council along with many resident volunteers help to put on several events throughout the year as as way to encourage neighborly involvement. Each year there are events such as; Monthly council meetings where all residents are invited to attend, yard sale, Fourth of July parade, Fall Picnic, Holiday House Decorating Contest, Santa Run, and many more.

These beautful tree lined streets create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for current and potential new residents. If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell a home in Beechwood Village please contact a Family Realty Team Member.




Neighborhood of the Week - Audubon Park

Just miles from downtown Louisville and nestled in a tight net community with convenient access to schools, hospitals and many local park areas, Audubon Park is an ideal place for a family.

The city has a long rich history dating back to the 1800s. One of the more unique things about the City of Audubon Park is its street names. The city was named after John James Audubon who was a bird artist and therefore the reason all but two of the city’s streets are named after birds; Cardinal, Dove, Robin, Wren, Linnet, Thrush, Oriole, Chickadee, Crossbill, Falcon, Curlew, Teal, Widgeon, Meadowlark, Sora and Eagle Pass. The two exceptions are Audubon Parkway and Valley Drive  In 1978 the city was designated as a Bird Sanctuary with support from the Audubon Park Garden Club and City of Audubon Park.

Each home in this area has great charm and character with an emphasis on nature and green space.   One of the more popular community events is the annual "Festival of the Dogwood". The festival highlights the natural beauty from the gorgeous tree lined streets when they bloom every April.

As you take a walk or drive through this area you can see why so many people would love to call it home. If you are interested in finding out more about homes for sale in Audubon Park contact a Family Realty Team Member.




Neighborhood of the Week - Anchorage

Anchorage is a popular growing neighborhood in eastern Jefferson County. It has a strong rich history and prides itself on the many benefits of being an independent city.

With their own police and fire departments, highly rated schools, hiking trails and many unique shops and restaurants, the City of Anchorage is a quiet and quaint place to live. Top hot spots such as Village Anchor and Selena’s are popular restaurants with local residents (and visitors) too!

As a community, the Anchorage Civic Club helps host many events throughout the year that encourage neighborly involvement such as; Winter Bowl, 4th of July Celebration, Anchorpalooza, Anchorfest, and Christmas in Anchorage to name a few.

Homes in Anchorage set on beautiful lots with large mature trees creating an ideal park like setting. It comes by no surprise that homes here sell quickly! If you are interested in find out more about homes for sale in Anchorage please contact a Family Realty Team Member.


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