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Fun Family events in the Louisville area!

Take a look at all of the upcoming events in Louisville!

Friday 2nd- Friday Fest in Highview park. Visit for more information.

Friday 9th- Movie night at the ZOO.  5 p.m. 

Friday 9th- Friday Night Live- St Joseph Children's Home with live music, booths and lots of fun! visit

Saturday 10th- St. Joseph Picnic from 12 to midnight. Visit for more information.

Thursday 15th - 25th- 109th Kentucky State Fair. 

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Organization in your Louisville Home!

Get your Louisville Home organized and ready now for the busy holidays in the future!

*Haven't Used it-  If you haven't used something in 2 years (clothes, shoes, etc)  you need to get rid of them!

*Yard sale- Hold a yard sale to move some of these items.  You will feel you gained something financially and not be so worried about "getting rid of things"!

*Keep it together- Try to keep things together like paperwork, decorations, gift wrapping etc. for less mess.

*Give it away- If you don't want to worry with a yard sale, give it away!  There are places like, Cedar Lake, Healing Place, DAV, and others who love these items and you will get a tax right off!

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Things to help save on daily living in your Louisville Home

There are many things you can do to save everyday in your Louisville home! Here are a few

Dinner out- If you eat out two nights a week, you will spend around $2668 a year.  Cut it back to once a week and save $1500 a year.

Sodas- Most people drink about $312 a year in canned sodas.  That is a big savings if you go to water!

Coffee- Most coffee orders at a chain can run $3 a cup. A pot at home is .50! Take your coffee to work

Gardening-  If you plant a small garden at home, you will save about $10 a week on veggies and fruit

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Dress up your kitchen in your Louisville Home!

There are so many things you can do to dress up your Louisville kitchen!  

Lighting- New lighting or fixtures can change the look of your kitchen all together!

Paint- A new fresh color can jazz up your kitchen!

Sinks- A new sink can change things up and not be too expensive. 

Accessories- New accessories in your kitchen can help on a dated look.  New curtains, pictures, and decorative items can make all the difference! 

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Enjoy your yard and make you Louisville Home more interesting!

We think about our interiors of our homes but what about the exterior?  Here are a few ideas to enjoy the great outdoors and make your yard more inviting.

Lighting- You don't have to spend a fortune on lighting.  White mini Christmas lights in a tree, candles or LED lights can change the atmosphere.

Plants-  You can put our easy to care for plants to add color to your yard.  This time of year, many greenhouses put them on sale and you can enjoy them up until Sept. or Oct.

Pillows- A few new pillows or cushions can add color or comfort to your yard. Again, this time of yard, they are on sale!

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New Louisville Home Listings

Take a look at our newest Louisville Listings!

4504 Pondoray Ct. 40241- 

This wonderful home located in the east end of Louisville has many desirable features. Great colors and updated decor throughout, including new tile flooring in the kitchen and foyer as well as new flooring in all bathrooms and the laundry room. The open floor plan is perfect for entertaining and includes a fireplace in the great room. There is a beautiful master bath and large walk-in closet off the first floor master suite. Additional two bedrooms and full bath are located on the second floor. The huge fenced-in yard and nice deck are perfect for families. New roof in 2011 and new air conditioner in 2012. Home is located minutes away from the Summit, Springhurst, Gene Snyder and I-71. Home warranty available.

2353 Valletta Ln 40205-

This home is a true jewel in a lovely park setting.  Traditional Ranch style design with hardwood floors, large closets and an attached master bath.  New stainless kitchen appliances and with pull out pantry, newer windows, gutter guards, and roof.  With a lovely large and private back yard and turn around driveway, this is a wonderful and quiet area.  With a wonderful breezeway leading to a manicured lawn, you can enjoy this lovely home!

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Simple ideas to clean around your Louisville Home

Here are some great ideas to clean around your home with our buying more cleaning projects:

Ink Stains- Purell  Hand Sanitizer

Showers and Tubs- Use vinegar and Dawn dish soap

Cleaning Clothings- Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda

Glass shower doors- lemon and kosher salt

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Fun and bright colors for the summer in your Louisville Homes

Summer is a fun time to try some bright and happy colors and looks in your home!  Here are a few ideas for a new look for the summer!

Color- Fun colors for this summer in your home are turquoise, lime green, orange, aqua blue, and clean whites

Throw pillows- A few throw pillows can give you a new look and pull in some of the summer colors without major expense. 

Summer Fun- Decorate around your home with things that remind you of summer-  coral on the table, sand in a vase, or  seashells around a vase.

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Summer recipes to enjoy in your Louisville Home

There are some wonderful summer salads that you can enjoy with friends and family!

Caprese pasta, pasta salads, grilled salads, bean salads and more!

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Simple ways to save money around your Louisville Home

There are a few things you can do around your home to save hundreds of dollars a year!

CFL Light Bulbs- Change to CFL bulbs.  In a home with 20 light bulbs changed to CFL bulbs, can save $150 year

Themostat- Setting your themostat to 68 in the winter and 78 in the summer, can save you $400 to $500 a year

Toilets- By filling a 20 to 30 oz bottle with water and putting it in the tank of your toilet, you will reduce water use.  Saving about $48 a year

Water Heaters- By setting you water heater at 110, you can save $40 a year.  Also by putting a heat blanket around your water heater, you can save $50 a year.

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Art Exhibits in the Louisville Area

Looking for something to do to get out of the heat?  We have listed some of the area Art Exhibits for fun for everyone!

21c Museum- "Aftermath:Witnessing War" ending Dec. 31  "Wild Card Exhibit" ending Sept 30.  502-217-6300

The Artisan Center- "The Corydon Pool Hall" Photos    117 E. Chestnut St., Corydon

B. Deemer Gallery- "New Works"  Ending Aug. 3    502-896-6687

Cressman Center- "William Fischer: Passion, Pursuit, Persistence" 

Filson Historical Society- "The Civil War in Kentucky"  502-635-5083

Kentucky Derby Museum- "The Infield"  502-637-1111

Revelry Gallery- "Oldschoolcool"  Ending July 18

Garner Narrative Contemporary Fine Art- "Mental Landscapes"  502-641-8086

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More on improving your Louisville Home

Many of us have dreams of a magazine dream home but we don't know where to start.  Here are a few helpful hints to tackle those projects.

Soap- If you need a quick fix on holes in the wall from nails, use a bar of white soap to fill them.  It is quick, cheep and easy

Painting-  If you do not have a long enough pole to reach those high spots when painting, use a broom or mop handle.  Usually they will unscrew and you can attach them to your roller

Cleaning- If you have tough water stains, vinegar and Original Dawn dish soap will help!  Heat your vinegar for about 1 1/2 min. add the Dawn and spray on your water stains.  Let set for 15 to 20 min. and wash off.  Works great. 

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Money saving on your Air Conditioner in your Louisville Home

There are a few simple things you can do in your Louisville home to help save money on your energy bill and maintenance on your home.  These are a few for your air conditioner.

Changing your Filter

  • Changing your filter at least one a month, can save on energy, allergies, and cleaning in your home.  Dust and allergens will be reduced by a new filler.
  • Your energy bill will be reduced because of less pull on the unit because of air flow in a clean filter
  • You will also have less maintenance and problems with your unit if you change your filter and they are usually inexpensive and available at most stores.
  • Cleaning- This simple act can help reduce dust in your home and help with cleaning!

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Helpful painting ideas for your Louisville Homes

Painting your home can be an inexpensive and easy way to get a new and fresh look!  But it can be a little intimidating if you are worried about making mistakes.  Here are some helpful hints to make this chore easier!

  • Caulking- Caulking can be a great way to get a finished look.  A couple of helpful hints are cut your caulk tube at an angle for easy application   Also, if water your finger or glove to smooth out the edge.
  • Brushes- If you are not yet finished with your project, put the brushes and rollers in the  freezer until your next coat.  This way you don't have to wash them out every time.  Also, for old brushes that are stiff, soak them in vinager to soften.
  • Tape-  Painters tape is an easy way to get a clean edge on your paint and the tape is very inexpencive.

Hope these tips help in your new projects at home!  For more helpful hints visit us at or follow us on pinterest at pinterest/family realty


Summer fun in the Louisville area and save money!

This is the time of year with longer days and warmer weather.  There a lots of things to do in the summer time but some of these can be hard on your wallet.  Here is a list of activities that will save some money!

Summer to do list:

  • Picnic in your local park 
  • Flashlight tag with the kids
  • Fishing at a local pond
  • Cookouts
  • Exploring one of Louisville's area parks
  • Walking the new bridge downtown

We also have a list of area events and picnics on our blog at or follow us on pintrest at pintrest/family Realty.


Saving money on Traveling around Louisville

This is the time of year to take that much needed trip and time away with the family.  But many times these trips can go way over budget.  With rising gas prices and those stops for food and snacks, things can get out of hand!  Here are some ideas for saving money and time!

  • Take a cooler- packing sodas and snacks for the trip can save lots of money and time when you stop for gas.
  • Plan ahead- many hotels try to fill rooms with lower rates for one or two nights.  This helps on those long road trips.
  • Stay in the outer city limits- if you are just staying somewhere overnight on your way to the final destination, you can save by staying in a smaller city or suburb.
  • Always ask- some hotels will offer discounts to area restaurants  attractions and amusement parks.  Ask at the front desk 

For other ideas and saving visit our pinterest page at Family Realty, for savings on big name amusement parks and other attractions.  Also visit our blog or like our facebook page for more great ideas. Visit


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