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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer Home Maintenance

Indoor House Cleaning

  • Clean Refrigerator Coils
  • Clean Refrigerator Door Gasket
  • Clean Range Hood and Filter
  • Clean Bathroom Vent Fans
  • Clean Bathroom Drains
  • Clean Showerheads
  • Clean Ceiling Fan Blades
  • Clean Clothes Dryer Vent Pipe

Indoor Home Maintenance

  • Replace Air Conditioner Filter
  • Change Water and Icemaker Filters
  • Inspect and Drain Water Heater

Outdoor House Cleaning

  • Remove Mold & Mildew
  • Clean Air Conditioner Drain Line
  • Clean and Repair Grill
  • Clean Out Gutters

Outdoor Home Maintenance

  • Inspect Crawl Space
  • Have Your Roof Inspected
  • Patch Cracks and Holes in Driveway
  • Prune Shrubs Around AC Units 
  • Check and Adjust Lawn Irrigation

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