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Christmas Events Part 1: Underground Light Extravaganza

The holiday season is in full swing and Christmas is only 24 days away (who’s counting?). The colder weather has certainly made an appearance. This morning I was met by a glittering wonderland as the frost clung to everything in sight and sparkled in the sunrise.

With the Christmas season there is lots to do with family and friends in and around Louisville. We at Family Realty don’t only love real estate Louisville, but love Louisville itself. So over the next few weeks we’ll highlight some great Louisville Christmas activities available this season.

We thought we’d start this series highlighting the most uniquely Louisville Christmas event: Lights under Louisville. Louisville is home to the Mega Cavern, a 4 000 000 Sq Ft former lime stone mine. Mega Cavern has several underground adventures including zip lines and bike trails. But over Christmas it hosts the largest underground light display in the world.

According to their website there are “over 850 lit characters with over 3,000,000 points of light” which you can view from the comfort of your own car as you travel the 17 mile track underground. This 30 or so minute drive is a spectacular light display for the whole family.

Lights under Louisville charges one price for a whole car and is open every night of the week until December 31st. They also offer a few promos and special events on their website. One of them is a dinner at Louisville Zoo nearby and a free VIP pass to the lights.

Part of the Mega Cavern is situated under the Louisville Zoo which is in the Poplar Hills neighborhood. This neighborhood lies alongside two other neighborhoods namely Audubon Park and Strathmoor Village. There is a good amount of green space in these neighborhoods including Creason Park and Audubon Country Club.

If you have any real estate needs this holiday season Family Realty would love to help. If so contact Scott Boehnlein or any one of our dedicated agents. We are here to help you with real estate Louisville, but also hope to help you with your Christmas fun in these blogs.


Thankful At Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here! In our house the ingredients are already bought. Some are chilling in the fridge. Others are hanging in the pantry. All are awaiting their assembly, basting, and cooking on Thursday morning.


Once prepared friends and family will begin to arrive, the noise level in the house will begin to increase, and so will the corny dad jokes. There will hugging, laughing, old stories and new ones. Final touches will be made to the table and the turkey.


Silence will be called for, a blessing given, and then the food will be set upon from all angles. Meat, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, and much more will we passed over and under each other. Personally I cannot wait.


But once our plates are empty and our bellies full another silence will be called. In our family this is the time to give thanks. We all take a turn to share the things that we are thankful for from the year just passed.


With family and friends though there is no escaping realty. We know when we’ve gone through a rough year or a difficult season. But even then we always find something significant to be thankful for. Yes even sometimes being thankful for the difficulty and all it taught us.


So with that in mind Family Realty would like to say thank you. We are thankful for our clients who put their trust in us. We are thankful for our team who works with diligence and professionalism. We are thankful for all our partners in real estate who help us serve our clients. We are thankful we live in such a great country and city and get to do what we do.


We at Family Realty hope you have a great thanksgiving and are encouraged from what you and your family can be thankful for. 


What on Earth is My House Worth?

So you are sitting on the couch talking about your future with your closest of kin. You look around at your home and you float this statement out into the conversation, “I think it is time to move”. You look at one another and it’s clear you are both on the same page. But in that moment doubts and questions begin to float themselves into your conversation too.

 One of the first questions that usually rise to the surface is, “But what is our house actually worth anyway?”  You don’t necessarily keep a keen eye on the real estate market and it has been years since you bought your current property. But we at Family Realty do keep a keen eye on real estate Louisville and we help people buy and sell houses every week.

 We know that when thinking about selling your home or buying a new home, getting an accurate idea of the property’s value is an important first step in moving toward the right decision for you and your family. Our Home Value Estimator can give you a good idea of your home’s value so that you can be better informed about moving forward.

 Our FREE home value estimator is based on the latest data available. We draw our information from the most up-to-the-minute database that lists properties around the US. Our search uses information on recently sold homes in your area to estimate your house’s present value.

 Once you have a good idea of the estimated value of your home and have decided to move forward Scott Boehnlein of Family Realty can offer you great advice and help. We are a tight knit dedicated team that has decades of combined real estate experience. 


Thank You Veterans!

"Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?" The last two verses of the national anthem celebrate the freedom and bravery of America and her citizens. Although there are many brave Americans none as brave as those who intentionally put their lives in harms way to secure the freedom of the rest of us. 

Many of us may say we would lay our lives down for another, but the American soldier actually does. They put their lives on the line for Americans they know and for those they will never know. We live in relative peace doing our work, playing with our children, doing what we do, while the American soldier willingly defends us around the world. 


The sacrifice of the soldier is not only his own sacrifice but also the sacrifice of their family. Many months of separation are experienced by military families around this nation. Today* Family Realty honors the Veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Thank you for your willing sacrifice. Thank you for committing your life to our freedom.

*(Veteran's Day is officially November 11th, but because it falls on a Saturday this year many government agencies are observing the holiday today by closing for the day.)


Design Styles Part 4 - The American Ranch

Cheeseburgers, Hotdogs, Drive-In Movie Theaters, and Roller Skating are quintessentially American. When it comes to Architectural Design Styles so is the classic American Ranch. Not too many other Architectural styles echo the Star Spangled banner quite like the Ranch does. Like our previously featured style, Ranch style homes are popular in real estate Louisville.


When I think of the American Ranch home I picture the American flag waving in a summer afternoon breeze, kids swimming in the backyard pool, Dad grilling hotdogs, and Mom walking in and out of the home through large glass sliding doors getting the final touches on a late lunch.


The first Ranch homes were built in the early decades of the last century, but only gained widespread popularity in the 1940’s and continued in popularity for at least three more decades in neighborhoods across the United States. Although their popularity waned after the 1970’s, we are seeing a renewed interest in them in recent years.


This is largely due to their open plan design very popular with the contemporary generation. Ranch style homes typically featured a flowing floor plan with all living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchen open to one another, and usually all accessing the backyard patio through sliding glass doors. Often the living room would be sunken into the floor with vaulted ceilings and exposed beams.


On the outside Ranch style homes are typically quite simple and most often only one story. Common features include a low roofline with big overhanging eaves, rectangular, L-shaped or U-shaped house design, an attached garage, and, in later decades, large windows.


Although Ranch Style homes originated in California and were designed for warm outdoor living with their private backyards, this style spread rapidly across the United Sates especially after WW2. The photos in this blog are from a Ranch we sold in one week this Summer here in Louisville . If you would like our help selling or buying a home please contact Scott Boehnlein of Family Realty.


Design Styles Part 1 - The American Craftsman

Louisville is such a unique city, as is the architecture that decorates its landscape. It is fascinating for me when driving through the different areas of Louisville to see how different and distinctive the architecture of these areas are. We thought it would be interesting to do a blog series discussing a few of the architectural styles found in real estate Louisville.


The first is one of my favorite and is known as the American Craftsman Style. The American Craftsman Style was developed in the last few years of the 19th century and really popularized in the first few decades of the 20th century. The style was a reaction to the industrialization of the 19th century.

It signaled an intention to return to individually designed and crafted materials and goods to be used in home building and decoration. As such there was a focus on simplifying form while simultaneously encouraging originality. Handicraft and the use of natural materials were also encouraged so that hand-crafted stone or woodwork as well as many mixed materials were incorporated throughout the structure.


American Craftsmen style homes characteristically feature low-pitched roof lines with gables and wide overhanging eaves, large front porches, exposed wooden structural elements such as rafters and decorative brackets, and thinning, square columns supporting the roof.


The most famous American Craftsmen Style architects were the firm of Greene and Greene. They designed the famous Gamble House for the then secretary and treasurer of the Proctor and Gamble company. The house is now a National Historic Landmark and is owned by the City of Pasadena. One can visit the home to take guided informational tours.


Two weeks ago a new documentary film about the Gamble House premiered. This film was written, directed, and produced by Don Hahn who also produced the Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, as well as serving in several roles on many other great films. 

Featured in this article is a home we sold back in 2015. It was a 5 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom Bungelow that fits into the American Craftsman category. We love real estate Louisville and would love to help you find your favorite design home. Please contact Scott Boehnlein of Family Realty or any one of our dedicated agents with any real estate queries you might have.


Beautiful St Matthews and Hillcrest Ave Halloween

I was driving through St Matthews the other day noticing the trees catching fire with fall and I thought to myself, "St Matthews is great and so is living in Louisville." I love being involved with real estate Louisville.

St Matthews is a central Louisville neighborhood which has a plethora of local eateries from breweries to authentic Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. The Mall St Matthews and Oxmoor Mall feature great shopping, entertainment, and restaurants. The Mall St Matthews movie house has reclining seats standard in every theater.

St Matthews was initially known as Gilman’s Point but in 1851 the city’s name was changed once they completed St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church. St Matthews is also home to Trinity High School one of Louisville’s most prestigious high schools.


One of the unique aspects of this community is Hillcrest Avenue’s enthusiastic celebration of Halloween. Starting the first week in October residents of this street begin to extravagantly decorate their yards. It is estimated that there are about 75,000 visitors to Hillcrest Avenue.


Pedestrian traffic greatly increases on October 31st when residents allow children to Trick or Treat from 5pm-9pm. The community takes great precautions to make this a kid friendly environment even increasing policing during this time.


Not only is this a community coming together to have fun but also to serve others in their community. On the evening many homes collect canned foods for United Crescent Hills Ministries. This organization was formed in response to the needs created by the 1974 Tornado and has continued to offer many service to the community.


Their website states “UCHM serves approximately 3,500 individuals with a range of services that includes: emergency financial assistance, Dare to Care food, children and youth programming, Meals on Wheels…” and much more.


It is great not only selling real estate among Louisville’s communities but being a part of communities like St Matthews and the many others that come together. We just listed a great Bungalow in St Matthews this week. 4022 Massie Ave is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1,672 Sq Ft multi-story home listed at $284,000. 

If you are interested in finding out more about real estate in St Matthews or anywhere else in Louisville please contact Scott Boehnlein of Family Realty. We love Louisville and we would love to help you.


Family Realty At SBTS Preview Day

Family Realty had the pleasure of attending the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Preview Day. Our goal was to meet prospective students relocating themselves and their families to Louisville and help them in any way we can. 

Knowing that relocating to a new city can be difficult we see the continual need for offering support to singles and families making this transition every semester. When you move to a new city it is hard to know who to trust, what areas are good for families, and what areas are good to invest in. You have lots of questions which we hope to provide answers too. Even if it is, "Where is a good dentist or doctor?"

We are also aware many students move to the seminary expecting to be here for only a couple years so they rent. Or they choose to rent for convenience and uncertainty of the market or areas. However many go on to find they will be in Louisville for a longer than they initially thought and so there housing needs change.

We hope to offer continual help, information, and peace of mind to prospective and current students. We had a great time at the SBTS Preview Day and were hosted with excellence. If you need any information or have any questions about Real Estate Louisville please contact Scott Boehnlein or one of our other agents at Family Realty.


Selling Your House When You Have a Dog: 4 Tips for Homeowners

Your pet is a cherished member of the family. He spends his days lounging indoors, cuddles up on the sofa with you, and greets your visitors with gusto. But no matter how much you love your four-legged friend’s personality, prospective home buyers might not feel the same. Make sure your dog doesn’t hurt your home-selling efforts by following these helpful tips.

1. Remove All Signs of Your Dog

As a dog owner, you may hardly notice the little signs of your pet’s presence. Whether it’s a little pet hair on the sofa, a toy left in a corner, or scratches on hardwood floors, these things become a fact of life when you have a dog. However, prospective buyers will likely notice the little details you overlook. And for people who associate indoor pets with uncleanliness, the sale may not recover.

 As you stage your home, pay special attention to pet-related damage, messes, and clutter. On top of repairing pet damage, you should clean pet waste out of the yard, remove pet hair from furniture, and stash all toys, food dishes, pet beds, and other signs of your pet’s presence before each showing.

2. Eliminate Pet Odors

People who don’t own dogs always seem to know when a home contains one. Keep unpleasant pet odors from sabotaging your home sale by having rugs and furniture professionally cleaned and laundering your linens and curtains. If an odor is strong and enzyme cleaners won’t remove it, you may need to replace the soiled item entirely.

When a showing is scheduled, make an extra effort to make your home smell fresh, but avoid relying on chemical air fresheners that could irritate sensitive individuals. Instead, opt for clean, simple scents like orange, jasmine, or cedar, and use them judiciously.

3. Keep Your Dog Away During Showings

Having a pet in the home makes showings more complicated. Since visitors want to see every part of your home, shutting the dog in a spare room or the backyard isn’t an option. If your dog is a barker, he could disrupt the showing. And no matter how well-behaved your dog is, letting him roam free simply isn’t an option. People could have allergies or be afraid of dogs, and people wandering in and out create opportunities for your pet to escape.

Instead of compromising the sale of your home, make arrangements for your dog to be elsewhere during showings. If it’s a quick viewing and you have the spare time, a long walk around the neighborhood could keep your pup out of the realtor’s hair for long enough. You can take the opportunity to check out local dog-friendly businesses like Molly Malones for a bite to eat, Iroquois Park or the Louisville Riverwalk to stretch your legs, or The Comfy Cow to grab a frozen treat for you and your pup. However, if you have a long day of house showings, sending your pooch to doggy daycare is a better choice.

4. Board Your Dog During the Move

Keeping your dog out of the house on moving day isn’t just for the movers’ sake — although they’ll certainly appreciate not being barked at or tripping over a dog. Boarding your dog or hiring a pet sitter during the busiest part of the move also spares him the stress of seeing you pack up your home and ensures he isn’t let outside unsupervised. Another perk? When your professional movers can navigate your home freely, they’ll get the job done faster so you can enjoy a lower moving bill.

You may put dog ownership squarely in the “pro” column, but not everyone sees it the same way. In fact, some people believe a dog’s very presence reduces a home’s value. Help buyers see your home’s true value by keeping your pet out of the picture during the selling process.

Contributor Medina James of Dog EtiquetteImage via Unsplash. If you would like any help with your realty needs please contact us at Family Realty.


Tacos in St Matthews

As you have probably guessed from our name, family is pretty important here at Family Realty. So as the end of the Summer drew near and the new school year was drawing upon us, many of us in the office made a point to do a few extra things with our families.

Our family decided to do a few fun events around Louisville. We went to a splash park, checked out the Louisville Slugger Museum, and naturally we ate out a couple times. On the Saturday we were dying for some Tacos.

Driving around St Matthews a new bright red and white building caught our eye. It was a new El Taco Lunchador restaurant. The only problem was they were so new, they weren't open yet. But this all changed this last Thursday as El Taco Lunchador opened a second location, now in St Matthews. 

As expected they did an amazing job. The line was literally out the door this weekend. People were quick to jump on Yelp and other foodie rating sites to tout the deliciousness they were served by the El Taco Lunchador crew. This makes St Matthews prime real estate Louisville for great Tacos.

St Matthews as desribed by its mayor, Richard J. Tonini, "...continues to attract homeowners and businesses alike because of the ambiance and vitality of the city. Homes remain in high demand and businesses continue to relocate within our boundaries. Our parks are a dynamic part of our community where families and friends gather to take advantage of playgrounds, walking paths, sporting events and communing with nature".

We couldn't have said it better. St Matthews is a very popular real estate area for just those reasons. There is a fantastic sense of community within St Matthews, with tree lined streets, fantasatic neighborhoods, and great schools. If you are interested in making St Matthews home please contact us at Family Realty. We would love to help you. We even have a delightful home listed that is quintessential of St Matthews tranquility and beauty.


Kentucky 'Deliciousness' in Louisville

"Isn't Louisville known for their BBQ?" a friend asked last weekend as we were deciding where to get dinner. They were visiting us from Florida, so naturally we wanted to take them to one of Louisville's great restaurants. Once they said BBQ we knew exactly where we were going, Momma's Mustard, Pickles and BBQ

Even though it was a Sunday evening they were fill and sat us in their second level seating area. We received our drinks, started to peruse the menu and were immediately in a BBQ conundrum...everything sounds amazing how do we choose? Our server came to the rescue with some helpful insights. He pointed out the wings were featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives", they use a Kansas dry rub with BBQ sauce on the side (not actually needed as the dry rub is so delicious), and that 1% of our order will be matched by Momma's and the 2% would be donated to local charities.

Armed with the afformentioned insights I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, three of our crew ordered the wings, one of the guys ordered the burnt ends, and one of the ladies ordered the slider sampler! In no time at all our plates arrived brimming with meat, mac 'n cheese, french fries, and green beans. The conversation paused and a silence took over our table as our taste buds were delighted by some of the best BBQ we have ever tasted. As we shared our enthusiatic endorsment of what we ordered, one of the ladies said, "I know why those wings were on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives." 

So you're hungry right now, no doubt. Head over to Momma's Mustard, Pickles, and BBQ. They have two locations, one in St Matthews, the other on Hursteborne Pkwy. We dined at their St Matthews location (102 Bauer Ave). St Matthews is an ideal Louisville neighborhood. It features many authentic restaurants, great shopping, and super parks. The Mall St Matthews is probably the first mall that comes to mind when thinking of Louisville shopping, but St Matthews also features a second great mall, Oxmoor Center.

Homes in St Matthews are of diverse architectural styles. They range from charming Cape Cod style homes to Craftsman Bungalows, Tudors and mid-century ranches. If you are interested in moving into St Matthews we would love to help you find a home in this great area. Please contact Scott Boehnlein or any of our agents at Family Realty.


Cool Off Your Summer Scrumptiously

One of the first things I ever ate in Lousville was an ice pop. Not just any ice pop, but a Steel City Pop! Even though it was the beginning of winter at the time I demolished that ice pop. How much more now that Summer is in full swing. Steel City Pops was started by Jim Watkins with much help from his family and friends. 

Steel City Pops was birthed out of Jim's lifelong dream to own a restaurant. At age 40 he quit his job and began researching as much as he could about restaurant ownership while also developing recipes with his mom. He acknowledges the immense support and help of his wife and four sons in the development and running of their first ever restaurant. Steel City Pops now has 8 locations around the country.

They serve scrumptious ice pops made with only all natural or certified organic ingredients, never using artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Some of their fruity flavors include blood orange, cucmber lime, lavender lemonade, passion fruit, and lime. If you would prefer a creamier option they also have flavors that include but are not limited to Avocado, Buttermilk, Chocolate, Chocolate Chili, and Coconut.

As well as giving us great tasting pops they also give back to communities around the world. They give back globally to help provide water to places that don't have clean drinking water. They also give back locally to help those with disabilities and special needs.

Steel City Pops in Louisville is located on Bardstown Rd in the Highlands. The Highlands started as a suburb, but is now one of the most desirable areas to live in Louisville. A prominent feature of the Highlands is its grand Victorian homes and craftsman bungalows. Cherokee Park with its many trails, playgrounds, and picnic spots is also located in the Highlands. But probably the most well known feature of the Highlands is its many eclectic and authentic restaurants, especially along Bardstown Rd.

If you are intersted in moving to the Highlands we would love to help you find a new home. Or if you are wanting to sell your home in the Highlands or anywhere in Louisville we would love to help you. Real estate Louisville is what we know. Please contact Family Realty and speak with Scott Boehnlein or any of our agents


Golf Near Home

Golf! The dead straight drive down the fairway, the putt from the edge of the green into the hole, the friendly badgering of friends all over the course. Louisville is not short of great courses. The University of Louisville Golf Club is one such course.

The course is described as "a 7,192-yard Spencer Holt layout with immaculately manicured greens, rolling bent grass fairways and a multi-tiered, 22-acre practice facility." The club offers membership for golfers of all ages. The club not only features a world class golf course, but also great dining, and a pool the whole family can enjoy.

The Golf Club has four golf professionals/instructors to help members with all aspects of their game. These proffessionals have TrackMan Golf Monitors at their disposal. This radar technology monitors your club and ball over 24,000 times a second! They assist finding exactly what you need to know about your swing, ball stricking, accuracy and distance.

U of L Golf club offers a Men's Golf Clinic, Women's Golf Clinics, Junior Golf Clinics, a PGA Junior League, a Happy Hour Golf Practice, and much more. If U of L Golf Club sounds like the place for you and your family you can find more information on their website.

The U of L Golf club is surrounded by great real estate Louisville. Family Realty has a beautiful luxury home listed at 18741 Willington Cir for $575,000. This 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 5000 Sq. Ft. home,  is fully updated. 

Two of the many areas worth mentioning about this home is the great room which has 16' ceilings, a fireplace, and built-in bookcases with granite tops. This great room flows effortlessly into the formal and informal dining, kitchen, and screened in porch.

The 2nd amazing area of this home is the basment and backyard entertainment area. The 12 seater bar includes a kitchen full of stainless steal appliances, granite counter tops, a lounging area, and wiring for 5 TV's. In addition there is a multi-level seating theater room, and another room for a pool/table tennis table. This incredible basement leads out on to an outside entertainment area featuring a gas grill, built in fire place, and a great seating area.

You definitely want to see the video walk-through of this home. If you would like any more information about the home please contact Scott Boehnlein of Family Realty


Summer Sights and Sounds for the Whole Family

Summer is here! Literally. It started today! Children love summer; school is out, three months with no homework, unlimited opportunities for fun. Parents, however, are aware that the opportunities for fun can be quite limited. So it is alway refreshing to hear about new events, especially free ones.

Iriquois Park is a wealth of outdoor fun for all ages. Iriquois Park is a 739 acre park situated on the south side of Louisville. Entering the park you immediately forget you are in the city as you step into forested hikes and canopy roads. The park features hilltop scenic views of the city and surrounds. Activities in the park include hiking, biking, running, golf, disc golf, basketball courts, fishing, grill/picnis areas, horse riding trails and much more.

The park includes the state-of-the-art outdoor Iroquois Amphitheater which seats 2,348 people.  The facility was fully renovated in 2003 leaving the theater updated with modern theater technology yet keeping many of its historic features. 

This Saturday they host Louisville Philharmonia where Daniel Spurlock will conduct a full orchestra playing pop music including movies, musicals, and marches. Doors open at 6:30pm shows stars at 7:30pm. Donations welcome.

Throughtout the Summer The Amphitheater also hosts free movie nights for families. Movies include "School of Rock", "Sing", "The Jungle Book" and many more. Doors open at 7:30pm, the show starts at 8:30pm.

If you have your eye on houses for sale Louisville and are looking to move into the Iriquois park area, Family Realty just listed a home there this week. 4625 S 6th St is located in the Southern Parkway area. This 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home is charming and spacious and just listed for $175,000.

The large front porch, with newer cut glass wood front door, welcomes you into two large front rooms with tall ceilings, beautiful woodwork, and hardwood flooring. The first floor includes a living room complete with fire place, a formal dining area leading into an eat-in kitchen, the master bedroom, a second bedroom, a full bath and laundry.

The spacious second floor includes a large bedroom with walk-in closet, another bedroom with an attached room which could be a walk-in closet, nursery or office, a bonus room and a full bath.

The large backyard features an in-ground pool, which can be viewed from the covered back porch. The front porch is also be perfect for evening and weekend relaxation. Please contact Scott Boehnlein of Family Realty.


Baseball season is here!

Spring means baseball, and what better way to enjoy a warm night than at the Louisville Bats game?  

The Bats got their start in Louisville in 1982, when the St. Louis Cardinals moved their Triple A affiliate team, the Redbirds, to Louisville.   Games were originally played at Cardinal Stadium.  In 1998, the team became affiliated with the Milwaukee Brewers and were renamed the RiverBats.  The next year, the team moved their games to the new Slugger Field downtown, which can seat 13,131 people.  In 2000, the team became affiliated with their current team, the Cincinnati Reds.  And in 2002, the team was rebranded as the Louisville Bats that we know today.

Louisville Bats games are tons of fun for the whole family.  They can accommodate group outings and birthday parties, and they also have a great Kids Club package.  For just $25, kids 12 and under receive admission to all Sunday home games, a kids jersey, a cooler, plus 2 free attraction vouchers.  And, every Sunday, there is an inflatable fun zone, and kids eat free! It's an amazing deal and more than pays for the cost of joining, even if you can't make all of the Sunday games.   

Their next game is tonight, Wed April 12th, at 6:35pm against the Toledo Mud Hens. Check out their full schedule here.  And don't forget to check out all of the fantastic lofts, condos, and homes for sale while you're downtown!


Kick off 502 Restaurant Week at the Taste of 502!

Kick off 502 Restaurant Week at the Taste of 502!  The event will be held on Monday, February 20 at the Seelbach Hilton from 6-830PM.  

Louisville has become known as a foodie destination in recent years.  There are many thriving local restaurants, many of which follow a farm to table concept and source locally. At the Taste of 502, you will experience tastings from local favorites such as Captain's Quarters, LouVino, Mesh, Old Seelbach Bar, and The Oakroom, among others.  Dessert options include treats from Annie Mays Sweet Cafe, Cake Flour, and Cellar Door Chocolates.  Visit the Taste of 502 website for a full list of participating restaurants. 

Tickets are $45 in advance, or $50 at the door.  Tickets for the Maker's Mark VIP Lounge are $65 (advance purchase only) and include private seating, complimentary tickets to Maker's Mark Distillery, and a gift bag.

502 Restaurant Week follows from February 22 through March 8, 2017.  During this time, participating restaurants will feature a special 3-course meal for $50.20 per person or per couple, depending on restaurant.  Over 25 restaurants have signed up to particpate to date, including 8 Up, Asiatique, Napa River Grill, Birracibo, Over the 9, Rye, and Rivue.   Visit the 502 Restaurant Week website for a full list of participating restaurants, as well as to review the menu options for each location.

Fabulous restaurants all over town are participating in this event!  If you decide to enjoy a night out at one of these restaurants, be sure to search our website for homes for sale in the area. One of our agents would be happy to meet you before dinner to view a potential new home!  


Plan a night out at Locked In

Escape games have become increasingly popular in recent months - you may have seen your friends post pictures on Facebook or Instagram, indicating if they were able to "escape" or not.  If you're looking for an indoor activity to occupy your time during these cold winter days, plan a night out at Locked In!  Fun for a girls, guys, or couples night out, Locked In can accommodate 2-8 people per adventure.  

There's an adventure for all skill levels - starting from easiest to most challenging:  The Warehouse, The Museum, The Laboratory, or The Classroom.  Once your adventure is selected, your group will be "locked" in the appropriate room and be asked to figure out clues and puzzles in order to escape within 60 minutes.   Winners get bragging rights - but if for some reason you can't escape, you'll surely want to try it again soon!  This is also a great place for a corporate event or team building exercise.

Locked In is located at 521 S 4th Street.  Reservations need to be made in advance, and the cost is $27 per person.  While you're downtown, take a look at some of the great properties that are for sale in the 40202 zip code.  Louisville has some of the best downtown living, with amazing condos overlooking the Ohio River that are walking distance to all the restaurants, museums, and entertainment that downtown has to offer. One of our agents will be glad to schedule showings for any houses or condos you may want to see before your night out at Locked In.


Copper and Kings

Kentucky is known for bourbon, but what about brandy?  Copper and Kings is Louisville's very own distillery for American craft brandy.  Their brandy is distilled in copper pots (named Isis, Magdalena, and Sara, after women in Bob Dylan songs), and contains no added sugar, flavors, or synthetic chemicals to alter the taste.  The Butchertown Brandy and American Craft Brandy are aged in Kentucky boubon barrels.  The brand also offers Apple Brandy, Absinthe, Cr&ftwerk (craft beer infused with brandy), and some limited release brandies and gins.  Currently, these spirits can be purchased in 28 states and they continue to expand.

In addition to the distillery, Copper & Kings boasts 3 distinct event spaces:  the courtyard, second floor art gallery, and rooftop skydeck.   They can host many types of events, from corporate functions to weddings!  

On the second Thursday of each month, Copper and Kings hosts a special workshop.  This January 12th, take a tour of the distillery and stay for their workshop on Warm Cocktails, with a focus on making toddies and ciders.  The workshop is $25; reservations are required. Participants must be 21 and older.

Copper and Kings is located at 1121 E. Washington Street, Louisville 40206.   Currently, there are 53 properties on the market in the 40206 zip code, which includes neighborhoods such as Cherokee Gardens, Clifton, and Crescent Hill, including our listing at 3206 Dublin Ln. If you'd like to view some of these homes before your workshop at Copper and Kings, contact Family Realty to schedule a showing.   


Harlem Globetrotters on January 13th at KFC YUM Center

The Harlem Globetrotters are an iconic exhibition basketball team, known for their entertaining antics on the court.  Initially known as the Savoy Big Five, the team originated from the south side of Chicago in the 1920s.  In 1928, a touring team called the Globe Trotters were formed and toured southern Illinois, and by 1929, their manager and promoter renamed them the New York Harlem Globetrotters. An interesting fact is that the Harlem Globetrotters did not actually ever play in Harlem until 1968!  Over the years, the team has played in over 115 countries in front of millions of fans.  They were inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002, and even have their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

You may recognize the team song, "Sweet Georgia Brown" by Brother Bones.  It is sure to get everyone up on their feet and clapping along as the team takes the floor to get warmed up!  The team members are, first and foremost, amazing athletes, but also bring an element of comedy to the sport of basketball.  The Harlem Globetrotters love getting the fans, especially children, involved in the game.

The Harlem Globetrotters will perform at KFC YUM Center on Friday, January 13th at 7pm. Tickets can still be purchased.  Don't miss out on this event that the whole family is sure to enjoy!  Before heading to the game, take some time to check out these current homes for sale in the downtown area.  If you are interested in seeing any of these listings, contact Family Realty to schedule a showing.


Louisville CYCLEBAR Now Open

New Year, new resolutions!  If you're among the millions of people resolving to start the new year out by getting in shape, try CYCLEBAR.  CYCLEBAR offers premium indoor cycling classes for people at all skill levels.  The idea was hatched in 2004 by a brother and sister, Bill Pryor and Alex Klemmer, with their first studio opening a year later.  They have since partnered with other fitness enthusiasts to open studios nationwide.

This new St. Matthews location opened at the end of November, and they offer a FREE intro class for people that have never tried indoor cycling before.  Once you've tried the free class and are hooked, their Classic class is the most popular, offering hills and drills along with upper body work.  And always, a great playlist of music to accompany the ride! There are other classes that offer variations on the Classic, such as Throwbak Thursday and Happy Hour themed rides.  Visit the CYCLEBAR website for full details.  You can also view their current schedule, see which instructor will be leading the ride, and sign up for classes online.  The cycle theatre can hold up to 55 bikes, so be sure to sign up early to reserve your spot in the next class!  Cycle shoes are provided, and the CYCLEBAR staff will help you set up your bike if needed.

Currently, new riders can buy a 3 ride package for $29, or a 10 ride package for $99. Other options are also availabe for purchase.  CYCLEBAR is located in St. Matthews, in the Shelbyville Road Plaza next to Qdoba and close to Trader Joe's.  

While you're in the area, check out our listing at 3206 Dublin Lane.  This 1.5 story, 4 bed/2.5 bath house is a gem of a find on a quiet street in St. Matthews.  There is a finished area that can be used for a home office or playroom, and the elevated deck off the eat-in kitchen is perfect for entertaining!  Currently listed at $350,000.  Contact Christopher Dayton at Family Realty to schedule your showing today.


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