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Our Favorite Louisville Spring Events

Spring is here! It’s time to get out and enjoy some awesome events happening around Louisville! Check out the events Family Realty is excited about and let us know your favorite spring events happening in Louisville! 

Brunch + Bark by the Bridge (Starting April 3) - This recurring event located at the Waterfront Park features food trucks, jazz music, drink specials, and pups! The Kentucky Humane Society is partnering with Waterfront park to have on-site puppies, giveaways and swag available during the event. Don’t forget to bring along your pup! 

Louisville Bats Opening Night (April 5) - Welcome back the Louisville Bats baseball season by attending their opening night! Check out their website for the season schedule and themed nights. 

Fridays at the Front (Starting April 8) - End your work week by relaxing at the Waterfront Park! This recurring event features food trucks and drinks and is a perfect way to start the weekend. 

Frankfort Avenue Easter Parade (April 16) - Running from Stilz Ave to Pope Street this parade is an Easter tradition! Fun for the whole family and don’t forget a bag for candy!

Thunder Over Louisville (April 23) - A Louisville tradition to kick off Derby season! Get a good viewing spot to watch the air show and fireworks!

Cherokee Triangle Art Fair (April 30 & May 1) - Stop by the 50th anniversary of the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair! The first time back since the pandemic this two day art fair is open from 10 am - 6 pm with a celebration from 6pm to 8pm on Saturday. 

Kentucky Derby (May 7) - Louisville largest event, The Kentucky Derby runs May 7! Celebrate the tradition with a big hat and mint julip while watching the 148th Derby Race.

Abbey Road on the River (May 26 - 30) - The world's largest Beatles-inspired music festival! Enjoy over 250 Beatles and 60’s themed concerts during the one weekend. Attendees also can take advantage of onsite food and beverage, Beatles-merchandise, retail and craft venders, and a kids area.

Forecastle Festival (May 27-29) - An annual music festival that features some of the hottest artists right now! Headliners include Louisville native Jack Harlow, Tame Impala, and  Tyler, the Creator.


How to Prepare your Louisville Home for the Spring

How to Prepare your Louisville Home for the Spring

The sun is shining and the weather is warming up! Spring is almost here and it is time to get your home prepared. We have compiled a list to help you get your Louisville home ready for spring.

  • Check your roof for damage
  • Clean your air filters
  • Clean your dryer exhaust duct and damper
  • Check your AC unit and have a HVAC professional inspect your unit if needed
  • Wash windows and freshen window treatments 
  • Clean up your yard and patio
  • Start spring cleaning!

We hope this checklist helps you prepare your home for the spring!


Agent Spotlight: Sam Heine

Our Agent Spotlight is Sam Heine! If you are interested in working with Sam, give him a call at (502) 500-6469. Click HERE to check out Sam's youtube page.

Q: How long have you been with Family Realty?

A: 3 years and 4 months


Q:Where are you originally from?

A: Grand Rapids, Michigan. I moved to Louisville when I was 2 years old!


Q: How long have you been a licensed Realtor?

A: I have been licensed since 2018

Q: What is your favorite neighborhood in Louisville?

A: Crescent Hill or Schnitzelburg 


Q: What is your favorite local business? 

A: Monnik, Nachbar, and La Bodeguita de Mima


Q: Tell us more about yourself

A:  I love being around friends and meeting new people! I enjoy going to music/art shows, putting events together, and hiking in the mountains. 


Agent Spotlight: Chris Dayton

Our Agent Spotlight is Chris Dayton! If you are interested in working with Chris, give him a call at (502) 295-0838! Learn more about Chris below!

Q: How long have you been with Family Realty?

A: 6 Years

Q:Where are you originally from?

A: Louisville

Q: How long have you been a licensed Realtor?

A: 11 Years

Q: What is your favorite neighborhood in Louisville?

A: Anchorage

Q: What is your favorite local business? 

A: Colonial Designs - as a grandson to Creators I am very proud of their accomplishments

Q: Tell us more about yourself

A:  I am very lucky to be a proud Father, loving son, little brother, fun uncle, and devoted husband! If I have some “me” time away from kiddos and work I am an avid golfer, sports fan, and car enthusiast. 



Agent Spotlight: Lee Jolly

Our Agent Spotlight is Lee Jolly! If you are interested in working with Lee, give her a call at (502) 931-7838. Learn more about Lee below!

Q: How long have you been with Family Realty?
A: I have been with Family Realty for 2 years.
Q:Where are you originally from?
A: Louisville but lived and went to High School in Cincinnati
Q: How long have you been a licensed Realtor?
A: 19 years!
Q: What is your favorite neighborhood in Louisville?
A: I love Riedlonn. It has been my home for many many years. Quaint architecture

Q: What is your favorite local business? 
A: I'm a big fan of Colonial Designs, Eyedia and Stella's Boutique.
Q: Tell us more about yourself
A: I love arts and crafts. I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening and traveling. I have 3 grown sons, one daughter in law.


Our Top Louisville Events in November

It’s hard to believe it’s already November! 2022 is quickly approaching but there is plenty to do in Louisville before the new year. Here are some of the events we are most excited for this month!

Fall Racing at Churchill Downs! Make sure you go watch the last live races of 2021 before the season is over. The fall meet starts November 4 and ends November 28.

photo credit: Cody Sprigler

The Waitress, a Tony Award nominated hit comes to The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts!  Showing November 10 - November 14.

Lights under Louisville! You won’t want to miss this one of a kind underground light show at the Louisville Mega Cavern. Drive your vehicle through the cavern to experience the show. This event runs from November 13, 2021 to January 2, 2022.

Fete De Noel at Pairstown! This is a Louisville winter must do! This Pairtown winter festival runs 6 weeks and features an outdoor ice skating rink, movie nights, silent disco on ice, ornament decorating and many more events. Fete De Noel starts November 27, 2021 and runs through January 3, 2022

Light Up Louisville at Metro Hall in Downtown! Watch as downtown Louisville is illuminated with holiday themed lights to kick off the Holiday Season. This event will take place on November 26, the day after thanksgiving. 


How to Prepare Your Louisville Home for the Fall

Prepare your Louisville Home for the Fall 

Fall is here! While the weather hasn’t completely cooled down it is still important to prepare for the cooler weather sooner than later. We have compiled a list to get your Louisville home ready for the fall! 

  • Clean or possibly replace your gutters and downspouts
  • Cover or bring outdoor furniture inside
  • Check your heating system and emergency generator 
  • Change your filters
  • Check caulking around windows and doors to reduce heating/cooling loss
  • Clean and inspect your chimney. Clean the flues and make sure there are no birds nests in the chimney
  • Fertilize your lawn
  • Run all lawn equipment until fuel is gone

 We hope this checklist helps you prepare your home for the fall! Check out our website to learn more about Family Realty, our team, and look at available listings



Neighborhood Spotlight Jeffersonville, IN

Jeffersonville City Hall in Quatermaster Station. Originally built as a military warehouse in 1874, Quartermaster Station was renovated in 2001 and currently is home to City Hall as well as numerous storefronts and offices. Fun Fact: Fredrick Law Olmstead helped design the original quadrangle in 1874. 

Appropriately named "Jeff", these red stick figures are located on the berm on 10th st, just next to the quadrangle. They are meant to represent the evolution of Jeffersonville; where they started and where they're headed now. 

Jeffersonville is filled with reminders of its past. The marquees and photos of old cityscapes are a proud reminder of its history. The Vintage Fire Museum on Spring St is a great example of a the city's fascination with historical relics (ie firefighting equipment, vehicles, etc) and aesthetically pleasing creativity. 

The North of Court Ave (NOCO) Arts and Cultural District is a must-see for passerbys.


This water tower was painted by mural artist, The Art Cartel. More of their work can be found in the Highlands...can you guess which one? 

Want to play some giant croquet? Unfortunately the giant balls are a little tough to move, but Preservation Park is a great stop for those looking for a little history!

Historical reminder in Preservation Park. 

Flood Walll. 

The light on the other side. 

We made it to the Ohio! 

It is still surreal to walk around these areas knowing that Derby festivities would be in full swing. We are all very much looking forward to those warm evening walks down by the river. 

Kentucky and Indiana's role in the Civil War and Reconstruction era are both shameful and historically significant. Marquees like this remind us how far we've come and also how much we still have to learn. 

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


NEW LISTING! 2518 Meadow Rd Louisville KY 40205

2518 Meadow Rd is a gorgeous, newly renovated 2 story brick home with an open floor plan and fully renovated kitchen and basement. 

Swing included!

The view from the front door of the home. Thinking about how you'd decorate?

This. Kitchen. Is. Awesome. 

Nothing about this property feels cramped or confined. Plenty of breathing room!

French doors were a great choice!

Love the modern feel of this bathroom.

....and then the master bathroom! Wow!!

Yes, please!

Master bedroom, upstairs. 

A newly-cleaned caro=pet is right up there with a freshly mowed lawn: total eye candy. 

2 car detached garage.

This backyard is something else, y'all. Beautfiful landscaping and a pristine lawn. This place is summer-approved!

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


5410 Rayburn Ave - 3 Bed 1 Full Bath

5410 Rayburn Ave is a beautiful ranch in Valley Station, located in a quiet cul-de-sac. 

Master Bedroom. We love the current homeowner's choice of color!

Kitchen and dining area! Smile

Guest Bedroom. 

Living room. Again, these colors are perfect for staging a home: not over-stimulating and can be complemented easily. 

Fully fenced backyard - check! 

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


Neighborhood Spotlight: Clifton

For many of us going on a stroll in the neighborhood has become a daily activity. Whether its walking down the street to the local grocery store or just taking a leisurely tour to get out of the house, the nice Louisville weather has been hard to pass up. That’s why we figured we would take you along with us while we visit one of our favorite Louisville neighborhoods: Clifton!


The Clifton neighborhood stretches from N Ewing Ave. to lower Brownsboro and Mellewood Ave just east of Downtown Louisville. 

Restaurants and boutiques have been filling this area for the past few decades, revitalizing parts that were previously dilapidated and attracting local artists. Murals like these can be found all over the neighboorhood. 

J. Gumbo's has been a staple of the neigborhood for over ten years. Support your local restaurants by ordering carryout or delivery!

Residents of Payne St. put out a "sharing basket" for passerbys to collect/replenish if they'd like. This house in particular creates displays like these for Hallowee, Valentine's Day, etc!

Vernon Ave has an amazing mix of architecture. 

Sign at the top of the chicken steps at the end of Vernon Ave. A great message for current times. 

The view from atop the chicken steps really reminds you why this area is called Clifton. Carved from quarries that were active up until the late 1800s, the steep cliffs can sometimes be tough to notice when the spring foliage begins to fill in. Originally wooden and used for local resident's chickens, these narrow steps were renovated in 1972 and have since been a great gateway between lower Brownsboro Rd and Frankfort Ave. 

"Doesn't the train bother you?" Is one of the most frequently asked questions for Clifton residents. Luckily Clifton is a "quiet zone" for train horns, creating a need for signs like these signalling to pedestrians on footpaths to watch for trains. As for the trains themselves being a nuisance? "Ya just get used to it" locals will say. 

Community chalk?

Some more positive messages being displayed at Dharma Meghah Yoga Shala  at the corner of Payne and S. Clifton. 

Normally we don't suggest taking pictures on the train tracks but this was a pedestrian walkway, we swear!

Scott Boehnlein is the Principal Broker for Family Realty - for any and all Real Estate needs give Family Realty a call at 502-458-4100 and visit our website.


Family Realty Offering Free Virtual Home Tours!

     Recently businesses have been adapting their structures to accomodate those of us who are working from home. Family Realty is no exception.
    We are launching free virtual home tours for buyers/sellers and we are also offering free video consultations dealing with any of your real estate needs! If you’ve been on the fence about listing your property, going on home tours or have questions about your own standing in the real estate market, we are here to help you.
    Our services will be available via Zoom, Google Duo and FaceTime! If you’d like to set up a time to chat and would like to set up a virtual tour - give us a call at 502-458-4100!


Family's New Home at 138 Wiltshire Ave

After more than two years of scouting locations, working with contractors and working with the city to get everything right, we at Family Realty are happy to announce our official occupancy at 138 Wiltshire Ave!

"It has been a long time coming and we are thrilled to finally be able to fill the desks here", said Scott Boehnlein, principal broker of Family

The new space offers a refreshingly modern take on the offices that have occupied this St. Matthews block. Utilizing the open floor plan, Family's new location gives its agents a communal place to share ideas as well as giving clients an intimate, but open place for discussing business.

If you or someone you know is looking to purchase/sell your property, give Family Realty a call or feel free to stop by our new office at the corner of Wiltshire Ave. and Willis Ave. in St. Matthews. You can also check us out at!


5813 Taylorsville Lake Road - over 2 acres - $225,000

5813 Taylorsville Lake Road is a spacious 3 bed/2 full bath ranch situated on 2+ acres.
The huge eat-in kitchen has an abundance of cabinetry and a large pantry, while the living room features a large window that allows in natural light.
Master bedroom has a walk in closet and attached full bath.  There are two additional bedrooms and another full bath.  There is a huge laundry/mudroom with lots of cabinets for storage near the back entrance. 
The 1 car garage has lots of additional room for storage.  There is also a 2 car carport beside the garage.  
Beautiful landscaping and a gazebo round out this great home! Contact Family Realty today to schedule a private showing on this real estate Louisville listing.  Click HERE for more pictures and details for this listing. 

Luxurious Downtown Condo in Fleur De Lis

Recently listed in the sought after Fleur De Lis high rise in the heart of downtown, this award winning 5-story development in real estate Louisville is close to the downtown social scene, including Waterfront Park, Nulu, Bats Stadium, Actors Theater, YUM center, museum row, 4th street, KY center for the arts, the walking bridge & lots of dining options.

324 E Main St # 427 is a luxurious 2 bed/2 bath condo that features 10' ceilings, beautiful hardwood flooring, open layout, upgraded kitchen & baths, lots of windows creating an abundance of natural light & a balcony overlooking the courtyard garden with water fountain.


Kitchen has granite counter tops, Stainless Steel appliances & large island with breakfast bar & is open to dining & living rooms. Master bedroom suite has large walk-in closet & large bathroom with tile flooring, dual sink vanity, whirlpool tub and separate tiled shower.

A secondary bedroom and in unit laundry complete this must see downtown condo. Amenities include an elevator, fitness room, entertaining room with pool table & kitchenette, rooftop terrace overlooking Main St with fantastic views of Louisville waterfront, 1 parking space in the secure underground parking garage, additional storage behind parking space and 2 beautifully landscaped courtyards.

For more information or to schedule a private showing please contact Christopher Boehnlein of Family Realty today!



903 Bellewood Rd in Anchorage - Join us for an Open House

What better way to end Spring Break then by joining us for an Open House this Sunday April 7 from 2-4PM at the stunning 903 Bellewood Rd in Anchorage. You will be amazed by this luxurious home that was once the Hobbs Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church of Anchorage.

The home has been renovated while keeping many of the grand and historic features from its' original build in 1884. The tall ceilings, exposed wood beams, numerous windows, built ins with fireplace throughout the great room create the perfect space for entertaining your family and friends.

In the large gourmet kitchen there is an abundance of cabinetry, a grand island, top of the line appliances, pantry and it opens nicely to the separate dining area.

The spacious FIRST FLOOR master bedroom has private access to a covered porch, his and her walk in closets, attached bath with beautiful vanities and shower with original stained glass window. Upstairs there are 2 additional bedrooms and full bath.

The covered porches offer outdoor entertainment areas for all seasons. There is a detached 3 car garage with an above area of over 400 sq ft on unfinished space and plumbing available. 

For more information or to schedule a private showing please contact Andrew Beckman of Family Realty.


Open Houses This Weekend

Got spring fever?  Swing by one of the Open Houses we are hosting at a few of our new listings in real estate Louisville!!

3510 Nanz Ave is a charming 2 bed/1 bath ranch in the heart of St. Matthews near great parks, restaurants and shops! This home has lots of living space and features newer flooring and windows, large master bedroom, family room full of windows with natural light and large backyard. Contact Andrew Beckman of Family Realty to find out more or to schedule a private showing.

7912 Cortland Dr is a wonderfully maintained and well loved 3 bedroom/2 bath ranch in Apple Valley. The home has a very spacious master bedroom with private entrance perfect for a mother in law suite or home office, a handicapped accessible bath, first floor laundry, and a partially finished basement! For more information or to schedule your private showing please contact Susie Gullett of Family Realty.

3007 Lexham Rd is conveniently located in Breckenridge Estates. This stunning bi level  3 bedroom/2.5 bath home features beautiful flooring, modern kitchen, master bedroom with ensuite bath, partially finished basement, and great backyard! Contact Christopher Boehnlein of Family Realty for more information or to schedule a private showing.

Visit to view all of our listings, find out What Your Home is Worth or read more about our Free Buyers Program.



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