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Tips for Fencing in Your Canine Companion

Perhaps you’re the proud owner of a young puppy or recently adopted an older dog. Or maybe it’s a move that has taken you and your furry friend to a new neighborhood and home. No matter what the circumstances, one of the first things many dog owners consider is how to provide a safe, secure spot for their canine companions to enjoy the outdoors.

If your property has an existing fence, you might want to investigate it for holes or other weak areas before freeing Fido for the first time. If repairs or reinforcements are needed, it could be worth consulting a contractor to make sure your hairy Houdini can’t pull an escape act. And professional contractors can be even more critical if you need to build a fence from the ground up. Some municipalities require permits for fence installations and regulations can differ depending on the barrier’s height, type, and location. High-quality fencing companies can handle the hassle of obtaining the correct permit for you.

Wood fences are a relatively cost-effective option that provide privacy while protecting your property and pooch. Although they can be more expensive per linear square foot than chain link fences, wood fences cost less, on average, than vinyl, aluminum, or wrought iron fences. And, depending on the type of wood and wood treatment you choose, the cost of a wood fence may even be comparable to a chain link option.

The fence’s height, length, and the type of wood chosen impact the price. Gates and other features can also affect the cost of the project, which leads to a fairly wide range in possible pricing. The average cost to have a wood fencing installed ranges from $1,500 to $3,900 in Louisville and homeowners can expect a project timeline of four to five days, according to HomeAdvisor.

Once the fencing is finished, animal experts offer these additional tips for pet-proofing your yard so both you and your dog can enjoy it:

Avoid vegetation that can be toxic to pets. Azalea, rhododendron, and foxglove are just a few plants that can be dangerous to canines consuming them. Cocoa bean mulch, which smells like chocolate and also contains some of the same chemicals as the sweet stuff, can also be poisonous to dogs, so pet lovers likely want to opt for other types of landscaping material. Cedar chips might be an ideal option since they deter fleas.

To keep your dog from lying in the flowerbeds, drive short stakes in the ground throughout the planting area. Your four-legged friend will find a more comfortable place to lounge on the lawn.

Walk your pet before visits to the yard to make sure he does all his serious “business” elsewhere. And, if you have a doggy digger, make sure he’s adequately occupied and supervised in the yard to deter him from destroying flower beds. You might even want to install a dog-friendly sand pit specifically designated for digging. Add some toys to signal the spot is all his.

Keep your dogs inside at dawn, dusk, and at night. This helps protect them from potentially dangerous wildlife, including raccoons and opossums, which tend to be most active overnight.

If your buddy is barking, pay the pup a visit right away. Experts say dogs that bark constantly are either lonely, bored, or hungry. Providing your pet with the proper care and attention should help keep her happier -- and more quiet -- giving both you and your neighbors a barking break.

Finding the right fencing and following these guidelines will help transform your yard into a pup paradise that both you and your dog will love. We at Family Realty would love to help you buy or sell your home. We will guide through the whole process with helpful hints from beginning to end. Please contact Scott Boehnlein for further information. 

Article by Medina James,

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